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The Cafe Meze Misso Misso began its operation in 1991. It was then that Ms. Tasoula, a dynamic woman and amazing cook, decided that her favorite specialties and delicious sweets are worth being tasted by all who appreciate authentic traditional homemade recipes! So, she set up, in Platis Yialos, the family business that originally operated as a cafe – pastry shop. Her reputation spread and our pastry shop became the favorite hangout of locals and visitors to Sifnos alike, who came to taste the famous homemade pies and desserts of Mrs. Tasoula.

Her talent was inherited by her grandson Stamatis, who grew up with the smells of authentic island recipes, cultivating inside him the will to create delicious dishes. But he did not rely on the heritage of his grandmother’s traditional recipes alone. He attended a cooking school, enriched his knowledge and cultivated his talent. So, in the recent years, he has taken over the family business with his wife Anna.

Cafe Meze Misso Misso is essentially two stores in one. It operates on a beautiful paved courtyard in front of Platis Yialos beach. One side of our yard serves as a cafeteria and the other as a tavern. It is the best choice for bathers and travelers alike since at Misso Misso you can enjoy your coffee and later – when the gurgling smells from our kitchen and our delicious dishes intrigue you, also enjoy an unforgettable meal!

Stamatis is in the kitchen since morning. All meals and desserts are made with fresh local ingredients, many of which come from the family owned gardens.

Our menu meets all requirements. We have a variety of authentic Greek and island flavors and vegetarian dishes. However, what stands out are our appetizers (meze). Meze is considered as the food of friends, accompanying wine and ouzo. In our cellar you will find a wide variety of labels to choose the one that suits your tastes. It is customary to pick a lot of appetizers for the company to taste these special flavors that can also be a complete meal. These Sifnian mezes hold a special place in our customers’ tastes: chickpea balls, revithada, vine leaves stuffed with rice and mastelo (casserole lamb). To honor Grandmother Tasoula’s Cretan heritage, we also make Cretan skaltsounia and Cretan dakos with Sifnian mizithra

A good meal ends with a delicious dessert! Anna prepares her homemade desserts, based on traditional recipes. Try: chocolate walnut pie, caramel almond pie, chocolate cake, apple pie, mille-feuille, ekmek kataifi with ice cream and kataifi. Find out what sweet pleasure means!!!

We are waiting for you at Platis Yialos and Cafe Meze Misso Misso to offer you a gastronomic trip to the world of authentic flavors and to become a reference point for your sweet summer memories!